One fine day in March, Patrick, a kitchen specialist, informs his wife, Sophie (an executive secretary) and their two children, Paola and Juju (13 and 9 years old) that by the time the next school year begins, they’ll be living in a new home, a short walk from the new kitchen shop to be opened one hundred miles away.


Sophie is delighted with the perspective of a bigger house and maybe even a third child. Juju doesn’t mind one way or the other. But Paola locks herself into her bedroom and turns her music up full blast. Patrick is about to follow her but Sophie holds him back. The girl needs time to get used to the idea. Plus, she has been a little tired lately and acting strangely. Surely he’s noticed. A phase. She’ll break out of it soon.


Right… But she doesn’t. Not at all.


Patrick and Sophie now enter a long and difficult period of being parents to a teenager stuck in a teen crisis. A long rough patch… And the upcoming move only makes matters worse. One day, Paola blurts out that there is no way she will ever leave her school to live in some hick town where her father sells stupid kitchens to stupid customers!


Welcome to the rough patch. The teen years.